1º. The hotel is not responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables that have not been delivered in custody at the Reception Office and has extended the receipt, duly signed by the clerk on duty, otherwise the guest will be responsible for the losses.
2º. All assets such as real estate, furniture, crockery or glassware, linens and towels at the hotel are properly inventoried, verifying their existence when leaving the room. Any damage or loss caused by the host of these goods will be effected by the replacement value in the guest’s account.
3º. The existing linen, bedding and towels is solely for personal and in-room use.
4º. Departure time (check out) is at 12:00 M., fulfilled this hour, shall be charged for accommodation by the next day. If you wish to extend your stay, please consult the hotel reception office.
5º. All passenger personal effects, found in her room, keep on deposit for 90 years, after this period the hotel is authorized to top it off with that value covering the cost of the deposit.
6º. The passenger must use the room only for the fate that gave the hotel.
7º. The guest is obliged to engage in conduct that does not disturb the tranquility of the hotel. Not respected this commitment, the guest agrees to withdraw from the hotel.
8º. Guests must leave at reception, the keys to their rooms, each time leaving the hotel.
9º. The account concept room must be paid when receiving the keys; accounts Bar and Dining Room service is canceled when retiring the host.
10º. Preparing food for consumption, laundry and use of electrical appliances, such as irons, heaters, etc., it is strictly forbidden in the rooms.
11º. The guest will receive his guests at the reception, lounges or areas of the hotel grounds, guests entering the rooms is forbidden.
12º. Guests receive guests in your room bear the expenses they incurred, including the cost of an extra bed per person invited. The indicated cost is charged to your account automatically.
13º. The hotel offers free public toilets for guests and restaurant patrons and are next to the reception and off the court fulbito or pediment the use of toilets and shower rooms for guests, being forbidden Guest.
14º. The hotel reserves the right to refuse admission, ie reserves the right to refuse entry by minority clients, health, etc. and may request the immediate withdrawal of the host not respected this Regulation.
15º. It is prohibited the entry of animals or large pets in the hotel or in its dependencies. For entering your small pet to the hotel consult the Reception Office.
16º. If not receive the necessary attention by the staff of our establishment, please register your requirements in the Office of Administration.
17º. In case of cancellation by credit card or debit card, please anticipate the type of payment leaving documents at reception.
18º. The Company and the Guest, are subject to the Regulations and Laws hosting service.