In La Posada de los Cóndores Sun Resort & Convention Center have a wide experience in organizing weddings. Our spacious rooms, elegant, comfortable and cozy rooms consist of 4 different capacities, 2 rooms with terraces and extensive landscaping with decorative large cave waterfalls with the Virgin Mary Help of which captivates all Peruvian and foreign brides visit.

All our rooms can be fitted according to the needs and requirements of each wedding. You can make your ceremony and / or civil in our beautiful facilities and transportation for their guests may also be coordinated with us.

The couple may hire only local rental also hire full-service meals, drinks, tents, tables, chairs, decorations and others that require for your wedding, adding to the ongoing support of our highly trained staff.

Our store is inspired to brides and grooms looking for a fantastic place to get married, either the day shift or night.

La Posada delos Cóndores have a long list of boyfriends Peruvians and foreigners who successfully performed their weddings on our premises.

For accommodation and tranquility of their guests to the celebration of your wedding we have 25 comfortable rooms, which can be distributed according to the requirements requested by the couple and their guests. That’s why our store is an excellent alternative for Peruvian and foreign boyfriends who also have the need to be housed or house their family and / or friends invited to the celebration of their wedding.

And for the comfort and safety of the guests at your wedding, the hotel has a large private car parking for 50 cars on the premises.

Ask for a quote, go ahead and fulfill his greatest dream, performing at La Posada de los Cóndores, the most important event in your life: your wedding!